The Name EXER was born out of their brand Exerval Private Limited.

Which was again, a creative blend of two words “Exercising Values”. Exer Energy believes in exercising values to every endeavor, every customer and stakeholder who are part of our company.

Best Electric Two Wheeler in India - Exer Energy

Wait Until You Take this Beauty Out For Test Ride

1500 WATT

Brushless Hub Motor


Top Speed

120 Kms

On Full Charge

Our Products

And They Say Impressive Curves & Exquisite Models Only Look Good On TV

V Model

V 80

V 150

V Avtar - Exer Energy

G Model

G 80

G 150

G Avtar - Exer Energy

C Model

C 80

C Avtar - Exer Energy


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John Doe


Jara Khan

Lina Rose

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3 Years Warranty**